Friday, January 9, 2009

Are Kerala Ministers Qualified enough to Rule us?

All the information from the official website of Kerala Government ( Any one who is doubtful may have a look.

Kerala 's Gov in safe hands!!!!!

MA Baby - degree fail
Completed B.A degree course in Political Science. Was arrested under DIR during the Emergency and thus could not sit for the final examinations. How can that be a fail ????

Member in the Preparatory Committee of World Federation of Democratic Youth in the year 1978
Active Participant in the formation of Cuban Solidarity Movement
Represented India in the General Assembly of United Nations in the year 1997

PJ Joseph - degree pass

Ofcource he is degree pass. But also note that he completed his post graduation too. M A English literature.

KP Rajendran - 10th class and Gusthi

Dont know where did you get this info from ??? He is B.A., LLB;

Premachandran - 10 class

Another Big Big Blunter and humiliting such a great achiever. He is the First rank holder of LL.B. examination in Kerala University, 1985

AK Balan - 10th fail

Another fake info. He is actually B.A. LLB. And the ministers Binoy Vishwam and M Vijayakuar also has the same qualification.

S Sharma - 10th fail

I am sorry. SSLC pass + ITI :(

Kareem - 10th fail

Sorry, he has completed his Pre Degree

Paloli - 5th class and drill

Unfortunately this is true.

Kodiyeri - 8th class and gundayisam

Sorry,, he is a BA graduate ..:)

Achumama - 4th class and udayippu

Even though this is false there is no much hope. "VS had to give up his studies after finishing VII standard"

And the left out ones..

C Divakaran - B.A., B.Ed.

Mathew t Thomas - Graduate, completed Post Graduate Course(Didnt take the exams);

G sudhaakaran - M.A., LLB.

Sreemathy teacher - Pre-degree

And the biggest of all these (Soukaryapoorvam marannu kalanjathu aayirikkanam :))

T M Thomas Issac Ph.D. in Economics, JNU

A professional economist

Was Professor at the Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram;

Was the member of the State Planning Board from 1996 to 2001

And author of many books in economics.

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