Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Condom Ads Imagination

"Multinational Branded Condoms"  
Dear Friends, 
See what  would happen to the Famous Advertising punch lines of all the big Multinational and National Companies if they start marketing condoms also, Their product's famous Advertisement lines would fit so very perfectly  for their Condoms too, in fact much better than for their existing products. 

AMUL Condoms : "The taste of India" 
LUX  Condoms : "The choice of Indian Film Stars for over 50 years" 
PEPSODENT Condoms : "Raat Bhar Dhishum Dhishum" 
COLGATE Condoms : "Yeh Hai Hamara Suraksha Chakra"
 NOKIA Condoms: "Connecting People" 
MRF Condoms: "Extra Rubber - Extra Mileage" 
KFC Condoms: "Finger Licking Good" 
Moov Condoms: "Aah Se Aahaa Tak" 
MIRINDA Condoms: "Zor Ka Jhatka Dhire Se Lage" 
MAGGI Condoms: " Sirf  Do Minute aur READY" 
DABUR {CHAWANPARASH} Condoms: "Immunity & Strenght" 
GODREJ {Hair Dye} Condoms: "Kaato, Kholo, Lagaao"        
SPRITE Condoms: "Bujhaye only Pyaas..Baaki all Bakwaas" 
TATA SKY Condoms: "Isko laga dala to life Jhingalala" 
THUMBS UP Condoms: "Taste The Thunder" 
COCA COLA Condoms: "Live Condoms,Sleep Condoms,Dream Condoms but  
Only Coca Cola Condoms" 
ROTOMAC Condoms: "Sabkuch Dikhta Hai" 
CADBURY Condoms: "Asli Swad Jindagi Ka" 
TAJ Condoms:  " Wah Taj, Wah "
 MARUTI SUZUKI Condoms: " The people's Condom "
 RELIANCE Condoms: "Think bigger "  (What??) 
NESTLE Condoms:"Everyday" 
INDIAN OIL Condoms: "Extra power - extra mileage"
 …and the last but not the least amusing: 
POLO CONDOMS: "The Condom with a HOLE "

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